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This is love. This is reality. This is authentic beauty. Introducing Laura and Edgar. These two met while traveling in Scotland and it wasn't long until their friendship grew into a passionate love. I was honored to document their day. To see the joy on their faces as they spoke, to witness their commitment to one another, and to feel the excitement as they embarked on a new adventure. As I took a look back at their day, tears filled my eyes as the beautiful love between them is evident in every photograph. This Auburn Hills backyard wedding suited these two perfectly. Laura dreamed of a casual, cozy feel for her wedding, drawing in vibrant colors to set the celebratory mood. Their intimate July ceremony was preformed by Trudi, a wonderful Minister of the Peace. They shared their promises to one another beneath the setting sun. Following, guests enjoyed Spanish inspired food made by friends that accompanied the savory pizza from Buddy's. As we waded through the overgrown summer grass, Laura and Edgar held each other tight. They shared their first dance alone in the grass as the warm sun kissed their skin. The night ended with a bonfire surrounded by friends and family. And while the party is over, that flame is still burning bright. As said by her brother at the wedding, "Eat like an Italian, drink like a Spaniard, live somewhere as beautiful as Scotland, and be as free as an American." Laura and Edgar, let love guide your adventures and fill your hearts.


Nicole Lashar

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