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meet nicole


In my most basic form, I am an independent woman, coffee drinker, loving wife, carefree daughter, forever friend, and follower of Christ. 

It is the hardest thing to describe myself. I often define myself by what is shown in my photographs, but so much more lies beneath the surface. I am a cross between an old soul and a young spirit. My mind is continually moving, and my eyes are constantly looking for the beautiful and unnoticed subtleties of life. I am drawn towards the dawn of light and obsess over reflections. I believe that natural interactions are more beautiful than fake smiles and I love documenting all people, from the individuals that I care deeply about to the strangers who I've just met. My friends describe me as honest and straightforward, but I love to have a good time.

I aim to enjoy life for what it is. Basking in the glory of pizza, good friends, and snuggling on the couch. The simplicity of life in yoga or the adventures of travel is what I am all about. If I am not documenting the world around me, you'll find me in the classroom shaping the minds of young artists. They inspire me every day to be a better version of myself. 
I aim to give purpose to everything I do in life. My photographs are my way of leaving a mark on the world and documenting moments that would otherwise be forever lost. I love creating a permanent record of these precious moment in time. That is why weddings are one of my absolute favorite events to document; you can't beat capturing two people in love on the most magnificent day of their lives. I not only specialize in weddings, but also lifestyle photography which embodies my entire purpose of documenting the authentic and unposed. You'll often catch me smiling behind my camera because I am overjoyed by capturing your moments.
I love documenting the world through my camera. I love connecting with people. I love this beautiful, chaotic life.