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I invest in my business with education.

I set aside dedicated time and finances to learn, grow, and expand. I invest because I know how vital it is to the success of my business and my growth as an artist. When I document a couple, I want to give them the best experience possible, from beginning to end. I want my business to thrive and inspire others. I invest in education because I believe that we should never stop learning. 


I invest in your education with my business and passion. I want to share my knowledge, experience, and creative insight with you. Why? Because I’m overflowing with excitement and inspiration for you! I want to share my experiences, the good, the bad, and the in-between, to help you grow and learn. I will come alongside you, encourage you, support you, and help you achieve your goals. I will teach you all that I know so that you can move forward confidently and document authentically. 

So, you in? 


Let’s create a plan that fits you, your business, and your goals. Or maybe, you don’t even have goals yet and you just need a place to start. With 8 years of industry experience, from fine art studio photography to documentary style wedding photography, and from capturing newborns in the hospital to 90-year-old birthday parties, I’ve done it all! 


The sessions that I’ve created will benefit you if you just picked up a camera or if you’ve been in the industry for a decade and need some new, refreshing ideas to push your business forward. Each session will be adapted to your needs, interests, questions, and photography style.


Let’s begin! Fill out the questionnaire below and I’ll reach out to you within 24 hours with my investment brochure! We’ll talk all about what you’d like to learn and specific goals you’d like to achieve. I’ll create an action plan suited to you! During your session, I’m 100% yours, fully open, and honest! My goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident in your business and your ability to capture the photographs you envision. 



brews with me



tell all

virtual learning



styled shoot


Whatever drink you prefer, we’ll meet at a local coffee shop or brewery to talk all about your business for up to two hours. I’ll answer each question thoroughly and give you actionable steps to move forward and uplevel your business. Bring a notebook or your laptop to take notes and if you have editing questions, I can guide you through the process in person!

And as an added bonus, I’ll bring my camera to grab some headshots of you so you not only leave filled with information, inspiration, and good drinks, but you also have new headshots and content! 

Whether you live far away or just prefer to meet virtually, let’s get online, meet, and chat! Just like an in-person session, I’ll answer all your questions and be completely open and honest with you! 

This one-hour session is perfect to get direct answers and personal guidance for your business. Whatever collection or experience you choose, it doesn’t end there! Once we connect, I’m not going anywhere! You can drop in my inbox with questions anytime! I want to continue to see your growth as an individual, photographer, and as a successful entrepreneur!

This is a fully styled shoot aimed to help you grow your portfolio, take your time with your technique, and get even more confident behind the camera. It will be a two hour, personalized style session of your choice, with guidance and instruction when photographing, tips, and prompts. I will show you exactly how I photograph and direct my clients! Do you want to shoot families, couples, or individuals? Do you desire to photograph outdoors or indoors? Let’s talk about your vision and make it happen! The photographs you take are all yours to edit, publish, and share! I am confident that you'll love them!


the full experience

This combines brews with me and a styled shoot session. We begin with a two-hour session of your choice followed by a two-hour coffee date. Bring your laptop and we can review the photographs you took and the editing process. As we go through the styled shoot, followed by our coffee date, you are free to ask any questions you’d like! Again, I’m all in and all yours. 


And remember, whatever collection or experience you choose, it doesn’t end there! Once we connect, I’m not going anywhere! You can drop in my inbox with questions anytime! I want to continue your growth as an individual, photographer, and entrepreneur.

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"Nicole is a true artist and being able to learn from her has boosted my confidence when working with clients. Her broad experience allows a unique insight into all aspects of the photography industry and I cannot wait for more sessions with her as I continue to grow my business!"


Did you know? I have a degree in education and I’ve always been passionate about education! I was that kid growing up who wanted nothing more than to be a teacher! Why? Because I wanted to help people, plain and simple. I graduated from Oakland University in 2016 with a degree in Art Education with a specialization in Photography. I have a formal education in photography and education, but outside of that, I invest each year in conferences, workshops, online classes, and mentorships to continue my education. 


Are you ready to start or continue your education? Fill out the form below and let’s get going! 

hot topics


How to overcome it and gain confidence in yourself and your business.


How to make your business legal and legit with a business license, contracts, insurance, taxes, and more!


How to uplevel your business with branding beyond the aesthetics! 


How to create seamless workflows, develop strong client communication, and manage it with ease.


How to create authentic emotions, develop prompts over poses, and edit with integrity.


How to get started in the wedding industry, create an experience with value, and capture raw emotions.


How to strategize blogging, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and email marketing.


How to overcome insecurities with equipment + editing including flash photography and lightroom tutorials.

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