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This Heritage Gardens intimate ceremony was unlike any other wedding I’ve documented before. Normally couples determine their wedding date based on season, venue availability, near a holiday, or a date that has repeated numbers, like October 10th, 2010. However, Brenda and Chad chose their date for a more significant reason. They chose to get married on a Tuesday before the pandemic was even a thought. The reason that it's so significant is absolutely beautiful and something that is so unique! The date is Brenda's parents' anniversary, her grandparents' anniversary, and her great-grandparents' anniversary. Four generations all married on the same day!

The day began as usual with everyone together getting ready for their special day. Brenda put on her great grandmother’s engagement ring around her neck and wore her mother’s veil. Chad’s mother and sister gave him a beautiful gift, a tie clip and a handkerchief. Having a handkerchief is sentimental but also so practical, for both the bride and groom! There were so many special keepsakes from this wedding!

Brenda and Chad’s day was not only sentimental but also so much fun! There were lots of jokes and laughter with their friends and family! I loved witnessing the three generations there together celebrating their love. I loved capturing the raw moments, belly laughs, little details, special gifts, and priceless moments with loved ones.

One moment that stands out to me the most because of its personal connection was the advice that Brenda’s Grandpa gave. Brenda’s Aunt went around to get tidbits of advice for the bride and groom. She asked Brenda’s Grandpa for advice and he said “You should never go to bed angry.” As the words came out of his mouth, my eyes began to water. On my wedding day, my Grandma gave me the exact same advice. She wrote it on a note that I read after my wedding. She has passed since then but that note sits in a frame next to my bed. It is a constant reminder and it’s blessed my marriage immensely. My husband and I have to work through each issue before the sun goes down, which means our problems don’t carry over from day to day. I hope Brenda and Chad take that to heart in their marriage as well!

Another one of my favorite moments is Brenda's Grandpa seeing her walk down the aisle with a huge smile on his face! I also love that they had a beautiful photograph printed of their great grandparents that was put together for them so that they could document everyone together. There were countless moments that were filled with love and significance! They were also married by Chad’s sister which always had a personal and intimate element to the ceremony!

Even though their wedding date has passed, the party isn’t over yet! Brenda and Chad have a reception planned for October and I cannot wait to celebrate with them again!

So cheers to endless love and four generations of strong marriages!

All my love,

Dress | Designer Justin Alexander | Bridal Shop Pieras Bridal

Flowers | English Gardens | Pat Birch



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