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Marlie and Nick’s wedding at D’Marcos in Downtown Rochester on a rainy Tuesday evening in the fall was absolutely beautiful. Remember, you don’t need a sunny Saturday to have a stunning wedding. Nick and Marlie had planned a big wedding, but the pandemic changed their plans. Instead of completely postponing their wedding, they decided to have their larger wedding next year and celebrate their marriage this year. Their beautiful Tuesday minimony was the perfect way to say I do with their families witnessing.

The rain couldn't stop them either! With a last-minute switch to plan B, the ceremony was moved indoors. But it looked like it was always planned that way. This wedding at D’Marcos was planned in less than a month, but you couldn't tell! Every detail was perfect, from the gorgeous flowers from Blossoms to the delicious peanut butter cake from Love & Buttercream.

As the rain quietly drizzled down the windows, Nick stood up next to the officiant, Marlie's best friend, and excitedly awaited seeing his bride. Marlie's parents walked her down the aisle. The ceremony was short and sweet, filled with laughter and reminiscing memories. After their ceremony, they braved the rain and we walked around Downtown Rochester. They were adorable cuddled up under the umbrella while Nick wrapped his arms around Marlie to keep her warm and dry.

When it rains on a wedding day, you can tell a lot about a couple. You learn about their communication, affection, personalities, and so much more. You get a glimpse into how they handle challenging situations and how they work together as a team. It's always so encouraging when I see a couple embrace rain on their wedding day, roll with it, and make the best of it because that's life.⁣ Marlie and Nick lovingly embraced, smiled through the grey skies, and made the absolute best of their day.

After photographs, we headed back inside for their reception! They cut their cake, enjoyed their first dance to Honeybee, opened gifts from family, and Marlie's dad gave the couple a toast! And of course, they enjoyed a delicious meal. The small reception was a joy to witness and document. The simplicity and intimacy was refreshing.

Even though I had just met Nick and Marlie on their wedding day, I'm still so happy for them! I'm overjoyed that they were able to celebrate their love and I'm excited that they'll be able to have their full wedding next year!

All my love,


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