Updated: Feb 23

Well, like many couples this year Katie and Kirk had to change their plans. But this year they decided to celebrate with a backyard BBQ in Clawson on the date they had originally planned to get married. They are postponing their wedding so that they could have the wedding they planned with all their family and friends. I fully support that and I cannot wait to document their wedding celebration next year!

This year has dramatically changed what traditional weddings look like. Some couples postponed, some couples chose to have a ceremony this year with a reception next year, and some couples eloped! There is no “right” way to do it! I love that all of my couples have made the best choice for them.

Even though Katie and Kirk postponed their wedding, they still made their original date special. Before their gathering with friends and family, Katie and Kirk exchanged their original wedding day gifts. Kirk was sporting the watch that Katie gave him and everyone wanted to see Katie’s new ring! It was a special way for them to honor their original date.

I loved watching them interact with their wedding party and family. They were upbeat, relaxed, and truly just enjoying the presence of their friends and family. It was beautiful! After documenting Katie and Kirk I’m even more excited about their wedding in July next year and I know the wait will be worth it! Until then, check out their intimate backyard celebration!

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