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I’m not going to say much as the photographs are impactful enough and I don’t want my voice to be heard, I want their voices to be heard. I’m here to listen, learn, and support. But I will say, the Survivors Speak protest in Berkley, Michigan was powerful. Students, parents, educators, kids, survivors of our corrupt prison system, politicians, everyone, of all races, gathered together to protest violence against black lives.

During the speeches before the protest march began, Trische’, the Director and Founder of Survivors Speak said, “Once your eyes are open to it, you are accountable with what you do with it… This is a call to action, for us to rise up the right way…to be present, and to love each other…The only thing that is going to cancel this hate is love…The bible says to love your neighbor as yourself… We have to leave our hearts open for racist individuals to be able to conform. We speak truth, we hold people accountable, and what they do with it is on them. We have to show love y’all.”

To listen and view the remainder of this speech and the speeches of students and returning citizens click here.

If you don’t know what to do to support this movement, that right there is it my friends. Love, speak the truth, share resources, and hold others accountable by being anti-racist.

It was truly an honor to document this protest. And remember, this isn't about politics, it’s about humanity.

With love and respect,

Michigan protest signs supporting the Black Lives Matter movement stating We are not free until everyone is free
Berkley, Michigan Black Lives Matter protestors hold up signs supporting the BLM movement
Black Lives Matters protestors in Berkley Michigan holding signs for justice
Berkley Michigan BLM movement protest with signs in support of justice for George Floyd
White silence is violence protest in Berkley Michigan
Berkley Michigan protest signs supporting the Black Lives Matter movement
Berkley Michigan protest for the BLM movement
Protesters in Berkley Michigan for Black Lives Matter peaceful protest
Berkley Michigan Black Lives Matter protest
Residents of Berkley Michigan at Black Lives Matter protest
Black Lives Matter signs for peaceful protest in Metro Detroit
Peaceful protest in Metro Detroit Michigan
Protest speaker in Metro Detroit, Michigan
Protest speaker addressing crowd at peaceful protest in Berkley, Michigan