Zeinab + Hassan | DIA + Dessert Oasis + Z Lot Engagement | Detroit Engagement Photographer

Zeinab and Hassan's engagement session began where they had their first date, at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The DIA was a beautiful setting for their session, but I also loved the significance it held for them. They talked about how they casually walked around and looked at paintings. Zeinab took art history courses in college so we bonded over how we both remembering studying paintings and all the details you needed to know. Hassan and Zeinab also laughed about how they felt on that first date versus how comfortable and relaxed they feel with each other now.

You can tell how comfortable they are in each other's arms. When photographing couples, I often have them look at each other and talk to each other because that's how couples naturally interact. I love to recreate those moments and promote that authenticity in their photographs. While Hassan and Zeinab were interacting and looking into each other's eyes, Hassan commented that looking at her was so easy and how much he admired her. They're truly such a sweet and loving couple.

After the DIA, we headed to one of their favorite spots for coffee downtown, Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters. Before heading in, we stopped in Capital Park for a few more photographs underneath the string lights while discussing what type of dog they'd like! There is a dog park there, so seeing the dogs sparked the conversation. Having two dogs myself, I love talking to my couples about their pets or future pets!

Once inside Dessert Oasis, Zeinab and Hassan savored their iced coffee while listening to the beautiful music. There was an open mic, so we had the opportunity to enjoy some live music. After their drinks, we walked to the Z Lot. Above the crowds heading to the Tiger's game, Hassan and Zeinab enjoyed looking out over the city. There was a stunning, vibrant sunset that was the perfect backdrop to end their session.

I am looking forward to photographing Zeinab and Hassan's wedding even more after our session together in Detroit. Their wedding celebration at Greenfield Manor in December is going to be beautiful and I cannot wait for all the timeless moments to unfold.

All my love,