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I've been photographing since 2012 and documenting weddings since 2014. I've had experience photographing in a studio setting and documenting abroad. I was a photography studio manager for two years, been a published artist in a museum, and graduated with my degree in Photography from Oakland University. With my diverse background in photography, I have experience in almost every aspect and can confidently tackle challenging photography situations and offer expertise guidance.  


Yes and yes! I have been a registered, licensed business since I opened my doors in 2012. I am also fully insured, including liability insurance. Many venues ask if your vendors have liability insurance and will not work with photographers without it! I am also an LLC (limited liability company).


That's completely okay! I understand that you value beautiful photographs that represent your true emotions and give you a legacy of imagery, yet still hate getting photographs taken. Some people feel awkward and uncomfortable being in front of a camera, but I can assure you my goal is to make you feel as confident and comfortable as possible. I will guide you through your photographs so that you don't feel awkward and I will give your prompts to draw out your personalities and authentic emotions! If you want 100% candid photography of your day without "posed" photographs, that's great! We can do that too! 


When you first reach out to me with your initial inquiry, I will respond as soon as possible, within 12 hours usually, to let you know if I am available and I’ll send you my investment information. I’ll answer any questions you have and reassure any fears. Once you book, we’ll stay in contact until your session and I am always available to talk and offer guidance. On your day, I will direct you, sometimes documenting quietly in the tender moments and other times loudly curating family members for photographs if necessary. And for some, I will blend into the background, capturing each moment as it unfolds. 


And it doesn’t stop on your session, afterward, I will keep you updated about sneak peeks and when your final gallery will be delivered! After that, let’s stay connected online. I love seeing my clients as the years pass by and I’m filled with joy when they buy their first house, have their first child, or heck, even when they get a puppy or job promotion! When you work with me, you’re more than a client, you are a person, a friend.


Yes (ish). As a mother of a little one, traveling far isn't always possible. I photograph primarily in the metro Detroit area and the greater Windsor area; however, I'm open to bookings in all of Michigan and Ontario. There is a travel fee associated with certain travel based on distance and accommodations. Just reach out and we can discuss what that would look like for you! 


What kind of backups? Backup equipment? Backup photographers? Backed-up images? YES, YES, and YES! As for backup equipment, I have three cameras with me all day, multiple lenses, four flashes, and backup batteries galore. No need to worry! And if I were to get in a car accident the morning of your wedding and end up in the hospital, I can promise you that someone will be there that I trust with a similar style, aesthetic, personality, and passion. I work with an amazing community and I have a multitude of photographers that I trust who would be ready to step in if needed. If you have a second photographer, they will become the main shooter, and a replacement for them will be found before your wedding day begins, guaranteed. Additionally, following your wedding, I back up all of your images. I shoot with cameras that have two memory card slots, so your images are being backed up as I shoot. As soon as I get home on the night of your wedding, I back up everything on my computer which connects to a cloud backup system. As I am editing, I also back up the images to a hard drive. Those are the most precious images of your life and I’m not going to let anything happen to them.


I have confidence that is authentic and authoritative so I can guide you and your loved ones through the day with ease. I am uniquely gifted at blending into the background from the center stage while directing you to capture beautiful, timeless imagery. I serve with enthusiasm, generosity, and support. My goal is to document you with a creative spirit, thoughtful composition, and sincerity. I believe that integrity and authenticity outweigh popularity, so I’m not photographing your session to get likes on Instagram, I’m photographing you to portray you and your loved ones in the rawest and most beautiful way possible. My style is defined as lifestyle, documentary, or “unposed.” Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging wondering what to do or how to pose. I am going to give you prompts to get you moving, show your true emotions, and create authentic interactions to document. Additionally, I capture candid moments as they unfold telling a true and full story of your day. I also am organized, prepared, insightful, and perceptive so there is no situation that I can’t handle with confidence.


"BOOK HER NOW! Nicole is an absolute dream to work with. Being a COVID wedding, she was there for us when every other week I reached out with a new plan and a smaller list. When COVID was at its peak, she provided the location we had our minimony and was so helpful throughout the entire process. I won't lie, getting to work with her for our small ceremony last year and our larger celebration was a blessing and I'm so sad our time with her is over for now but honestly she is the best choice to document your big day."

dara + griffin



I will deliver the best photographs, hand-selected, and artfully edited. I spend a lot of time culling your photographs, which means that I look at each one, analyze all the elements in the photograph, and only delete it if it is out of focus, blurry, poorly exposed, or unflattering. I post sneak peeks within a couple of days and your final gallery is delivered within 4 to 6 weeks. When it’s time to deliver, I provide a digital gallery with your high-resolution images. With your online gallery, you have the option of purchasing prints, selecting photographs for your album, or sharing the album virtually with friends and family. 


As a photographer and artist, I edit each image with my creative insight. My editing style is natural with an emphasis on warm tones, deep shadow, and a love of black and white. If you are looking for your photographs to be significantly altered and touched up (ie: you want to look completely different) then I’m not your photographer. I focus on authenticity and real moments filled with love and joy.


In your online gallery, you can purchase prints, framed photographs, canvases, cards, and more. I also offer virtual or in-home album and print consultations. If you'd like to invest in an album, I will curate your images beautifully, send you the design to review, and then your hand-bound album will be made in the U.S. You can select the album size, cover and number of pages. Not sure about printing your photographs? Check out my print philosophy!


Before your wedding, if you'd like to send out save the dates or invitations, I partnered with Basic Invite to provide you a discount on all your wedding stationery needs. Check out this blog for reasons why I love Basic Invite and a discount code at the bottom! 


The first step is to reach out and tell me when your session or event is so that I can let you know my availability. Next year is booking quickly so don't hesitate if you are interested. If you decide we're a great match, then all you have to do is sign a contract and pay a 25% deposit. Then, I'm all yours! 

I know there are so many questions that you could ask a potential photographer, and it may seem extremely overwhelming when you begin, so I made a list of highly suggested, and very important, questions to ask when you are searching for your perfect photographer! You can find it here! If it not me, that's okay! But make sure you ask these questions to anyone you are looking to hire!

Friend, when you choose me to be your photographer, you're not only investing for me to show up and document your day, but you are investing in my expertise, years of experience, creative insight, support, and killer dance moves. Well, I'm not sure about the dance moves, but I'm confident about everything else! I will be there on your day to help alleviate stress and make sure things run smoothly. I will help you be present and in the moment while capturing your raw emotions. You don't have to worry about a thing. No, really, I've got you covered with vendor recommendations, back up equipment (and photographers), insurance, rain plans, honest guidance, and more. 

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