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Hey there, just so you are aware, this is a sponsored blog post that contains affiliate links. Even though it is sponsored by Basic Invite, all the information here is written from my knowledge of and love for the company.

blue wedding invitation suite

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Basic Invite, a wedding stationery company that is anything but basic. They not only specialize in wedding invitations, but also place cards, and wedding websites that are completely customizable.

Based in Utah, they’ve been creating beautiful wedding invitations since 2006. If I had known about them when I got married, I would have totally invested in their wedding invitation sets and custom website. Now that I know so much about their company, I want to share that knowledge with you! And with their love it guarantee, it truly is the best option for your wedding suites!

black and neutral wedding invitations

Not only do they have stunning wedding suites, they also offer unique options for the unconventional bride! They have real wood invitations that are perfect for the rustic, yet elegant wedding. If modern, yet timeless is more your style, then check out their clear wedding invitations! And if you’re not sure how to word those beautiful invitations, don’t worry. Basic Invites has you covered with their wedding invitation wording samples! For many, there are so many components of the invitation to think about, so basic wedding invitation information is extremely helpful! And if you’re confused about Save the Dates, they have information about etiquette on Save the Dates too. They suggest, like many, that you should send your Save the Dates out 4 to 6 months before your wedding. So if you are getting married between June and September, like many of my couples are, it’s time to order those Save the Dates!

real wood and clear wedding invitations

I know personally as a past bride, entrepreneur, and artist that quality is crucial. I am constantly ordering samples of paper, prints, photographs, albums, you name it, so that I can see and feel the quality before I purchase it for myself or my couples. Basic Invite provides customers with the opportunity to order a sample of their entire invitation suite to look at the quality of paper and design before placing an order. Honestly, with something that you are going to take the time and money to send across the country to guests, you need to know the quality!

unique clear wedding invitations
yellow and black wedding invitation suite

What I truly love, in anything, is consistency. My fonts have to match across my branding platform, my colors have to be exact, my style has to be the same on every printed and digital artifact. Why? Because I’ve put thoughtful effort into my aesthetic and consistency shows professionalism and attention to detail. At Basic Invite, each wedding invitation is a part of a set, yes all 900 of them. So if you love a Save The Date and you want your invite and enclosure cards to match, don’t worry. For your wedding, they’ve got you covered too with matching place cards, wedding menus, and programs. I know for those of you that want everything to be perfect, customized place cards just fill your heart with joy! And after the wedding? Yup, you bet! They offer matching thank you cards as well so that from beginning to end the thoughtful design you’ve created to share your love with the world, or at least your friends and family, can be presented with beautiful consistency.

custom wedding place cards
custom wedding menu
custom wedding table numbers
custom unique clear wedding invitations and save the dates

Like I mentioned, consistency is key. When creating my website, I was meticulous about my colors. They needed to be me, my business, and be similar to the color in the photographs that I document. I would change the color by the slightest hue if it were too warm, or too pink, or too dull, until it was just right. You pick out colors for your wedding too, you might not be as specific, but if you want dusty blue dress and champagne accents (that’s how it was for my wedding), then you want your invitations to represent that as well. When you order with Basic Invites, they allow you to choose any color, unlimited, well almost. But, they are one of the few companies who do that! And, if you are particular like me, you can change any element on the card that you want, a truly unique feature among the world of wedding invitation companies. Along with that, you can choose from over 40 different envelope colors, to fit with your custom invitations! Their peel and seal envelopes are a plus as well! No one wants to be licking envelopes these days.

custom color wedding invitation

Another feature that I love about Basic Invite, and brides love it too, is the Seal & Send wedding invitation. They are offered in over 30 designs that are customizable, and even include foil options. Honestly, before I knew about Basic Invite and all the wonderful supplies they offered, I had no idea what “seal and send” even was. Sounds like a normal invite, right? Well, it’s totally different. The Seal & Send invitations have the guest’s address printed on them, so no envelope is necessary. Heck yes for paper saving! They also include a tear-off RSVP postcard, making traditional RSVP’s easy! Once they arrive, you just add postage, fold, and secure with a sticker. If you are looking for a time saving invite, this is it! I know when I put my invitations together, I gathered all my family members around a table to help me stuff, lick, seal, and address each envelope. Super time consuming!

seal and send wedding invitation

And, if I’m being totally transparent here, addressing the envelopes is the worst! I had to collect addresses from my family, my friends, my husband's family, and just random people that you invite, you know the ones. I made an excel spreadsheet and then had to import them into another document to print, and then print them on to stickers and place them on each envelope. Personally, I love hand lettering, but it just wasn’t going to happen for almost 300 invitations. Basic Invitation has a free address collection service. Yes, it’s free. Surprising, I know. All you do is share a link via social media or email, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing. That’s unheard of. And y'all can’t say that collecting them via social media or email won’t cut it because even my almost 90 year old grandma is on Facebook!

customized colors for wedding invitations

And while you’re online collecting those addresses, you can take advantage of their free, yes free again, wedding websites. They are completely customizable and mobile friendly. They make it super easy to use, so even if you're not tech savvy, you can rock out a beautiful website. Just add your wedding details, fun candid images and stunning engagement photographs, and the location. They even add a convenient map for directions for your guests. Because let’s be real, Karen is going to get lost. Just like everything else, you have the option of custom colors and designs to match your wedding invitations. It truly doesn’t get much better.

custom free wedding website
custom free wedding website ipad

My wedding days may be over, but I wanted to share all of this wonderful knowledge with you! When I heard about all of their amazing services and saw the quality of their designs and invitations, I was sad that I didn’t know about them for my own special day. But, I will definitely be using them in the future for other events and special occasions. My husband and I always send out a holiday card, and you bet we’ll be using Basic Invite this year. Even if you aren’t looking for wedding invitations if that’s not the season of life you’re in, they have baby cards, graduation cards, events cards, and more.

And, now that I’m done telling you about all their amazing features, go check Basic Invite out for yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I’d be happy to answer all your wedding questions! Because after all, I may be “just” a wedding photographer, but I’m knowledgeable about all things wedding!

Enjoy your beautiful custom invitations!

All my love,

clear cassy wedding invitation suite

All photographs provided by Basic Invite

Social Media: @basicinvite

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