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Alma mater – literally translating to one who is nourished, is also one who is loved. These two met at Oakland University and while they’re alumni now, their love for the school and one another is still going strong! Holly and Lucas are not just college sweethearts, they’re the best of friends. They complement each other in every way and encourage each other’s dreams.

Being an alum myself, it was nice to be back on campus and explore the hidden treasures, such as the beautiful wilderness tucked away on campus. If you’ve ever visited Oakland University, you know there are many deer that linger. As we approached the path back into the woods, we were greeted with deer grazing as the sun set.

As I was photographing their loving interactions, I was reminded of why I love what I do. I love capturing those precious moments, the windblown hair, the little whispers, the loud laughs. I love the opportunity to find out more about other’s lives and transform those memories into a visual story of their love.

Like the changing of fall leaves, I believe that the beauty of love never gets old.


Nicole Lashar

black and white portrait, windblown hair, couple

embracing, oakland university, engagement photograph

black and white, laughter, oakland university

serious pose, oakland university, rochester engagement photography

clocktower oakland university

sitting on hammock smiling sunset

deer at oakland university

walking towards deer at OU

couple fall portrait sunset

embracing on bridge

black and white embracing on bridge

couple poses rochester engagement

sunset silhouette rochester woods



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hey there, i'm nicole!


I'm a down-to-earth, honest soul capturing Detroit and Windsor couples, families, and brands. I document clients who desire raw and timeless imagery. I also offer education to new and seasoned creative entrepreneurs.

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