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Downtown Plymouth Summer Engagement Session | Stephanie + Ryan

There's something undeniably magical about summer engagement sessions. The sun's warmth, vibrant colors, and the sheer joy of a couple about to embark on a lifelong journey together create a perfect blend of happiness and love. Stephanie and Ryan's engagement session in Plymouth, Michigan, captured all this and more. And what made it even more special was their beloved canine companions, who joined in on the fun!

Stephanie and Ryan are a fun-loving couple who share a deep love for their two dogs, Chloe and Ellie. When they decided to have their engagement photos taken, they knew that their furry family members had to be a part of it. The couple chose a sunny day at the end of August to embark on a memorable photography session.

Their session began at the scenic Cass Benton Parkway Park. The lush greenery, rolling hills, and tall trees created an ideal backdrop for their photos. Chloe and Ellie were excited, their tails wagging as they explored the park alongside Stephanie and Ryan.

We captured candid moments of them laughing, embracing, and sharing tender glances. Chloe and Ellie, their playful and loving personalities shining through, added an extra layer of charm to the photos. From sporting their matching bandanas to snuggling with Stephanie and Ryan, these dogs were naturals in front of the camera. They will be part of their wedding day too, so it was good practice!

After capturing the natural beauty of the park, the session moved to downtown Plymouth. This charming Michigan town offers a completely different aesthetic, with its quaint streets, historic buildings, and colorful murals. Stephanie and Ryan transitioned effortlessly from casual park attire to elegant city chic attire.

They strolled hand in hand through the heart of Plymouth, creating an enchanting contrast between the urban backdrop and their joyous love. Throughout the session, Stephanie and Ryan embraced every moment and their love was evident in every interaction.

As they embark on the journey of marriage, I hope these photographs serve as a reminder of the love and happiness they share, with Chloe and Ellie forever a part of their story.

All my love,

Stephanie and Ryan's Session at Cass Benton Parkway Park

Stephanie and Ryan's Session in Downtown Plymouth

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