Elle and David’s engagement session in their new home in Grosse Pointe was the perfect opportunity to document them where they are most comfortable, interacting with each other and their adorable pets. They bought a house this year and they’re truly making it their home! They’ve infused their style into every bit of the home and it truly shows in Elle’s favorite room with the fireplace that is beautifully decorated.

To tell the full story of their home, I began by capturing them outside of their gorgeous bungalow that was decorated with pumpkins and mums for fall. As I am about to move into my own new home, I understand the significance of capturing each bit as it tells the entire story of their home and displays how they have made it their own.

After enjoying the crisp fall air, we headed inside to pop some champagne to celebrate their engagement! The kitchen smelled like fresh flowers and the smell of sweet peony filled the air. They danced around the kitchen as their cat watched from the doorway. Their cat followed them around most of the time, so keep an eye out for her in the photographs!

They also enjoy coffee together in the morning, so I documented them drinking coffee and talking about future travels with lots of laughter. And of course, before we headed out to Downtown Grosse Pointe, we had to take some photos with their puppy, Leo. He didn’t mind the attention at all and loved cuddling with Elle and David.

As we headed to Downtown Grosse Pointe, we stopped along the waterfront near Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. As the sunset, the warm glow fell on them softly. Then, we were off to one of their favorite places downtown, The Whiskey Six. It’s a place they love, so I loved incorporating it into their photographs! Then, just as the sun was setting below the horizon, we headed to the top of a nearby parking garage to sit and capture the orange glow in the distance. They jumped up on a ledge and joked about what it would be like if they met as teenagers. I know when I met my husband as a teenager we were completely different people, so it’s always fun to reminisce on what that would be like.

I cannot wait to document their wedding at The War Memorial next fall and I know that they’re excitedly anticipating that day!

All my love,

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