Updated: Jan 2, 2019

As you all know, Mother's Day is this weekend. In celebration of mothers, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the mothers that I have documented over the past year. The most recent being my older sister, Amie. Amie gave birth to twins just a few short months ago, and while I was visiting in April I documented her two little ones. Peter and Henry, who were two months at the time, did not love the whole experience, but I surely did. It was a mix of baby cuddles, warm towels, soothing sounds, and inevitably, lots of crying. It was a joy to capture them in their precious states and even in their moments of hysteria. It reminded me again how valuable and changing life is.

Henry and Peter are two healthy, and absolutely beautiful little souls. However, their journey did not begin that way. At birth, Henry was a significant two pounds lighter than his brother and was in the NICU for over a month. It was their journey that prompted me to continue my support of the March of Dimes, and for the first time this year, participate in the March for Babies. I couldn't be with me sister or the little ones during that challenging time; however, I was able to walk and raise funds to support healthy babies and mothers. If you haven't had a chance to check out what they do, take a moment to see what the March of Dimes is all about. You may be surprised by the tremendous impact they make for mothers and their little ones.

As I was walking last week in support of The March of Dimes, I was reminded of my beautiful sister. It is not often that you find a strong, independent woman who can effortlessly balance work and motherhood while offering tender love and unconditional patience to her children. It is truly a gift, one that I aspire to possess one day. She is an amazing inspiration for all mothers.

The photographs below do not display two bundles of joy, swaddled and sleeping. But they do represent an authentic family, real emotions, and true joyful smiles. They depict my beautiful sister and my sweet nephews.


Nicole Lashar


Nicole is a wedding and portrait photographer based out of the Metro Detroit area. Residing in Royal Oak, she photographs in Michigan and abroad. She began her career in 2012 and is now a published artist and professional photographer. Nicole started documenting weddings in 2014 and passionately pursues photography daily, teaching film and digital photography to high school students, and documenting life and love on the weekends. Specializing in Weddings, Portraiture, and Lifestyle photography, she is a diverse and creative artist. Does this sound like the photographer for you?

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