It was a beautiful, sunny fall afternoon when I arrived at Kelly and Nathan’s home. Their cozy apartment was filled with warmth, love, and lots of cats! They have three absolutely adorable cats, who are the most gentle and kind cats I’ve ever met. Kelly and Nathan are no different! These two are some of the most down to earth people I’ve met.

Their session looked much like a typical day for them would be like, okay well not an entire day, but little glimpses of the things they enjoy doing together. They played with their cats and enjoyed a glass of sparkling white wine. I kept calling it Champagne but they kindly reminded me that Champagne is specific to the location, or rather the province of Champagne. These two are extremely knowledgeable about wine and I love learning from them! They both work at Michigan By The Bottle and Nathan even wants to be a sommelier one day. How cool is that? They also want to own their own land and vineyard and I cannot wait to see that dream come true! I will definitely be buying their wine!

After sipping on some bubbly, these two braved the crisp fall air for some photographs in their courtyard. They truly enjoy the outdoors, and while this wasn’t as exciting as hiking in the woods or climbing a mountain, it was fun to see them interact, be silly, and make each other laugh.

Just before their session ended we headed back inside for some warmth and Nathan brewed some green tea. They sat in their favorite chairs, enjoyed the warm sunlight setting, and played with their cats. Again just in their element. I enjoyed being a fly on the wall, or as close to it, as I documented them talking about their futures together. As I captured them, we chatted, too. We shared our love of vegan food and all things natural. They even let me taste some of their jackfruit seed butter and let me tell you, it was incredible!

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in August. Their wedding will be relaxed, just their style, and I’m looking forward to capturing the rawness of their day.

All my love,

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