Updated: Jan 12

Monica and Matt's intimate ceremony at Victoria Wedding Chapel was short, sweet, and absolutely stunning! I loved being a part of their minimony and documenting the celebration of their marriage. I received an email from Monica the day before her wedding just before I left home to photograph another wedding and I'm grateful that we got connected on such short notice. It truly was perfect timing and Monica and I both agreed, it was simply meant to be!

I met Monica and Matt for the first time on their wedding day as they pulled in with the biggest smiles on their faces! Typically I meet my couples beforehand, but it was fun connecting with them just before their wedding and learning about them as I documented their interactions. While I haven't known them for long, I can tell that they have a deep love and appreciation for one another. Their tender interactions and loud laughter gave me a glimpse into their love. And it was beautiful.

I loved capturing them and their intimate ceremony at this vintage French Mediterranean villa. I love intimate weddings as there is no fuss or commotion. It was peaceful and simple. Monica put on Matt's boutonniere prior to the ceremony. It was a heartwarming moment to witness as the bride typically doesn't help the groom prepare before they get married. Once they were ready, I went into the chapel first to make sure the Zoom call was all set. Then they entered the chapel together with Matt's parents and sister smiling behind their masks as the beautiful couple walked in. Their sweet ceremony was officiated by Sabra Dettore, who beautifully guided them through their vows. Monica's family and friends attended via Zoom as they are all in Canada. Luckily, being on the Zoom call, they got the front row seat to witness the ceremony. As all of my extended family is in Canada, I felt Monica's desire to have them close. I'm extremely grateful for technology and even though they were miles away, they got to be right there, supporting the couple in marriage.

After their sweet and simple ceremony, Monica and Matt said hello to her family and friends on Zoom. It was a special moment to see the excitement on all of their faces. After their call, we headed outside for portraits. They braved Michigan's cold December weather for some beautiful photographs together. The first thing I asked them to do outside was to show their excitement after getting married. They threw up their arms and you can see the enthusiasm in their faces. I loved it!

I loved capturing their sweet interactions and just as we were finishing their portraits, snow started to fall. I had to capture a photograph of Monica and her stunning dress with the snowflakes falling gently on her. It was beautiful!

Monica and Matt plan to have a larger celebration next year with family and friends. I am so excited for them and I wish them all the best as they continue their lives together!

All my love,

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