Shepherd's Hollow Golf Club Wedding In Metro Detroit | Michaela & Todd

Michaela and Todd's Shepherd's Hollow Golf Club wedding felt like walking into a nature lover's fairytale. From the small winding road to the tall evergreens, guests are transported into an idyllic little hideaway that is equally enchanting and elegant.

It was a beautiful summer day with plenty of sunshine and a light breeze. When I arrived Michaela and the ladies were excited and getting ready for a busy day ahead. As most wedding days go, there are usually a few surprises that can throw a wrench in your plans but that is exactly why I like to help curate the wedding day timeline. I know where to add a few minutes here and there so that the day isn't easily derailed by any unexpected surprises. With all potential crises averted, like a flat tire on the party bus, it was time for Michaela and Todd's first look.

Michaela looked stunning and her veil was so beautifully embellished with pearls. Todd wore a classic black tuxedo and I loved the juxtaposition of the formal black tie attire against the scenic landscape. The bride and groom met outside on the stone veranda where they were able to enjoy a peaceful moment together, seeing each other as bride and groom for the first time. It was a moment filled with emotions and it was so sweet to witness. I wanted to capture the almost-newlyweds together around the great outdoors so we went for a little walk through the forest. They are nature lovers after all, from lakeside to mountain tops, so seeing them in their element on such a special day was a must! There was a calm serenity in the woods and between the trees, you can catch a glimpse of the golf course. Michaela and Todd's wedding party joined them for some photos and they were a great hype team. Their wedding party was so much fun and ready for anything, but most of all, wonderfully supportive of the bride and groom. The ceremony was positioned in the fountain courtyard with the Station anchoring the background. Michaela's father walked her down the aisle as the sun glowed overhead. Michaela and Todd exchanged vows they wrote for each other and there was lots of laughter throughout. Their officiant was also part of the wedding party so their ceremony felt very personal and intimate. Once announced husband and wife, Michaela and Tood were ready to celebrate!

The Station is made almost entirely of windows from floor to ceiling. The couple chose decor to compliment the modern black and white aesthetic using white candles, greenery, and gold accents. The reception glowed with warmth and classic elegance. Michaela and Todd made their grand entrance featuring Todd in his white tuxedo jacket, which looked great and was a fun switch. After cutting their cake and being showered with touching speeches by their loved ones, we snuck off for a few sunset photos just before dinner got started. After dinner, Michaela and Todd rocked their first dance with lots of twirls and spins around the dance floor. Michaela danced with her dad and Todd shared a dance with his mom before the Bluewater Kings Band really kicked things off and got the party started. It was important to Michaela and Todd that the fun moments with guests, especially their grandparents, were captured. I am a self-proclaimed grandparent paparazzi so they were in good hands and no moment of fun and celebrating was missed. Michaela and Todd are truly such beautiful people inside and out, I am beyond honored to have documented their special day!

Congratulations, Michaela and Todd! I am wishing you a beautiful life of many happy memories together!

All my love,

Michaela and Todd's Shepherd's Hollow Golf Club Wedding