Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Most notoriously known as the "mommy and me" session, these photographs between one beautiful, strong mother and her adorable little boys are even more sentimental than my usual sessions. Some of you may recognize them or even notice the resemblance between the mother and myself. My sister, Leah, and my nephews displayed in the photographs convey the sweet moments shared together. Between the giggles and cuddles, there was chaos and attitude. But truly, when does life not have chaos without beauty or laughter without tears?

Persuading my nephews to look away from my camera and focus on each other was more challenging than anticipated. As humans, we are innately curious and even trained to peer into the camera lens. Being fixated on the glass and metal in my hands, I interrupted their forced "cheeses" with tickle fights and toys. Sitting still and smiling is never truly representative of who any little boy is. And while those photographs do look beautiful on the wall, I believe, the more important photographs display who they truly are, their personalities, and their most intimate interactions.

You'll see real smiles, energetic laughter, curiosity, story telling, sweet whispers, and comforting hugs. What you don't see though is the patience displayed by my sister with two wild boys. You see a glimpse into their daily interactions, but you don't see the nightly bedtime stories, the brotherly love, and brotherly fights, the curious questions, the lessons learned, and the unconditional love displayed by Leah.

These photographs capture their essence as all those moments cannot be documented daily. That's what memories are for.


Nicole Lashar

On an editorial note for all the creatives reading this blog, I am focusing on lifestyle photography, but more importantly, natural simplistic editing. For those of you who are photographers reading this blog, you know that your process of editing evolves as times passes and as you develop as a photographer. I am straying away from "modern" edits with deep brown tones or faded matte filters. I want to capture life as it is, as I see it. You may notice a change in my editing style as I want each photograph to be simply edited to showcase the truth in the image.


Nicole is a wedding and portrait photographer based out of the Metro Detroit area. Residing in Royal Oak, she photographs in Michigan and abroad. She began her career in 2012 and is now a published artist and professional photographer. Nicole started documenting weddings in 2014 and passionately pursues photography daily, teaching film and digital photography to high school students, and documenting life and love on the weekends. Specializing in Weddings, Portraiture, and Lifestyle photography, she is a diverse and creative artist. Does this sound like the photographer for you?

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