photography is an investment

in·vest·ment : the purchase of goods or services that continue to gain value with time

Time is relentless. It is inevitable. It passes quickly, often too quickly. If you had the ability to stop time, would you? I would.


I aim to document fleeting, precious moments. The birth of your child or the renewing of your vows. The simple moments in life to the most ornate; I love capturing it all.


Remember, investment. These images will gain substantial value with time. I promise, those baby photographs will only be more precious with each passing year. And those wedding photographs will leave a legacy far beyond your lifetime.


If you love quiet moments and little giggles, roaring laugher and passionate love, then you’ve met your soul-mate. And if a candid photograph captivates your eye, then look no further. If you’re wondering when the last time you had photographs taken or desire documentation for an event or life milestone, then it's time to find your photographer!

Curious about pricing before reaching out? I get it! Want to know all the goodies that are included? Contact me so I can fill out in on all the glorious details!

Lifestyle sessions begin at $350.

Intimate weddings begin at $1,500.

Wedding collections begin at $2,150. 

So… what happens next? Like any social interaction, we talk. We have a conversation about what you are looking for to determine the best setting, little details, and your ideal package.