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When planning a wedding, there are many different aspects to consider. Date, location, colors, theme, vendors, etc. It can be extremely overwhelming for couples or it can be a fun, creative experience. Well, I decided to take a shot at wedding planning... again! After being married for three years, I was itching to create a beautifully styled wedding that was not only artistically designed but also filled with meaning and significance.

So before I jump into all the details, I want to tell you how this all began! I decided to collaborate with another photographer to create this styled wedding so that we could mesh our creativity and strengths together. Mallory, from Mallory Mae Photography, partnered with me to select the location, design the theme, and create an incredible team of vendors. We then partnered with Cassie from Northern Native Photography who provided videography for the shoot.

We put together an amazing team of talented artists who helped us make the styled wedding possible. Mallory and I decided that Eastern Market would be the perfect venue. It is unique, full of natural light, and has an industrial feel that would contrast beautifully with our elegant and bold design. Cassie and Erin co-own Ox & Opal and provided the most classy, fun dress called the Rosa Parks that was designed by Love Lives Here. Ox & Opal also provided the white earrings that complimented the dress perfectly. We partnered with Jewelry Set in Stone as well and they custom made the wedding bands and engagement ring along with a custom necklace. And to complete our apparel, Lux Wedding Co. created a custom hand-painted leather jacket that was a fun addition to the shoot.

Our vendor team would not have been complete without the details! Tayler Your Event did Ale’s makeup and it was absolutely incredible. The Ambrosia Rabbit created stunning stationery with her amazing calligraphy. The wedding suite, geode name cards, menu, and ring ribbon were artfully created by Tiffany, the talent behind The Ambrosia Rabbit. Copper + Sage Collective created the best florals for the head table, cake, boutonniere, and bouquet. The flowers and colors were phenomenal. The cake was designed and created by A-Mazion Cakes. And finally, Anastasia of Social Happenings, LLC was a great day-of coordinator and put all the pieces together at the shoot.

So, the pretty was planned, but the meaning was missing. Ale and Jacopo had planned a large wedding in Mexico with their family and friends in September. But obviously, with the pandemic, their plans were changed. So instead they decided to have a courthouse wedding and postpone their celebration for a later date. This opportunity was perfect for them as it allowed them to have those special moments of a wedding without the stress of planning. This Eastern Market elopement was filled with significant moments and you can tell from the photographs that the emotion and excitement were real.

Ale and Jacopo wrote their own vows which they exchanged together. They were so heartfelt and touching. Then, they exchanged their rings with lots of laughter and love and celebrated with a huge kiss at the end! It wouldn’t be a wedding without cake and champagne so we made sure to include those elements so they could truly celebrate. And to top of their reception, they shared the most beautiful first dance. I asked if it was choreographed, but they said it wasn’t. They danced to the song that Jacopo proposed to and you could feel the love and excitement fill the room, and it’s a large room!

We finished the evening roaming around Eastern Market and as we did cars drove by with people yelling congratulations! They had the biggest grins and would say thank you back. This styled wedding does not replace their wedding to come with all their friends and family, but it was a great way to dress up, celebrate, and have some fun!

All my love,

Wedding stationary by Metro Detroit vendor. Photographed by Nicole Leanne Photography.