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Let me introduce to you, Leah Michelle, a creative virtual administrative consultant.

Any entrepreneur looking back at their first year of business will tell you that it is a crazy whirlwind of excitement and uncertainty. Leah joined the Free Mama Movement in 2018 and decided to start her own business at home. As she heads into 2019, I know Leah will be carrying the excitement of her first year with her along with more certainty of her growing business ahead.

For all the small (and large) business owners reading this, including photographers, Leah Michelle Creative is a great investment. Based in Washington State, Leah works with clients all around the US and internationally. She alleviates the mundane daily tasks of what it takes to run a business and aims to help your business grow. Leah focuses on administration, marketing, and design and excels at all three.

When she approached me to take her business headshots I was thrilled. She expressed her desire to show her work in action and I couldn’t be happier to document her working lifestyle. It is always my goal to depict my clients in an authentic manner, and with Leah, I was able to do just that!

So with that, I present you the owner and creator of Leah Michelle Creative.


Nicole Lashar

virtual assistant entrepreneur

working at home, bright and airy

working from home, stay at home mom

home business, virtual assistant consultant

virtual assistant, stay at home mom

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working at home with coffee

working at home, technology and writing

entrepreneur, young mom of boys

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welcome to

hey there, i'm nicole!


I'm a down-to-earth, honest soul capturing Detroit and Windsor couples, families, and brands. I document clients who desire raw and timeless imagery. I also offer education to new and seasoned creative entrepreneurs.

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