Dara and Griffin's downtown Detroit engagement session was so relaxed and fun that it didn't feel like work. Honestly, documenting these two felt like hanging out with good friends and I cannot wait to capture their wedding next year! As we met for our initial meeting at Clubhouse BFD's and chatted over drinks I knew we were a great fit and I'm glad they thought so too!

I often shoot downtown, but usually it is because the couple thinks it is a "cool" spot. However, spending memorable times together downtown, Dara and Griffin felt that Detroit would be the best place for their engagement session. It was refreshing to shoot at a location because of its significance rather than its aesthetics.

It was cold, but you wouldn't know it. They rocked being seriously cool but also goofy and carefree. What I absolutely love about photographing a couple for who they truly are and documenting their authentic interactions is that it is perfectly imperfect. The nose wrinkle smiles, the laugh so hard you cry, the inside jokes, the tender moments, the sweet whispers. It's real and it is absolutely beautiful.

The city skyline was a complimentary backdrop to these two cuties and I had fun playing with in camera double exposures while they had fun guessing each other's favorite color. After we were done walking around the Z Lot (and being followed by security) we headed through The Belt across the street towards Shinola Hotel. The alleyway next to Shinola Hotel led us straight to The Brakeman, a favorite beer hall where they celebrated Griffin's graduation from Oakland University.

As they shared drinks and stories, I loved watching them interact. These two have the kindest souls and the biggest laughs. While they toasted each other then, I toast to them now. Cheers to you, Dara and Griffin! "It doesn't take a whole day to recognize sunshine" and it doesn't take a whole lifetime to recognize love.

Artfully, Nicole Lashar


Nicole is a wedding and portrait photographer based out of the Metro Detroit area. Residing in Royal Oak, she photographs in Michigan and abroad. She began her career in 2012 and is now a published artist and professional photographer. Nicole started documenting weddings in 2014 and passionately pursues photography daily, teaching film and digital photography to high school students, and documenting life and love on the weekends. Specializing in Weddings, Portraiture, and Lifestyle photography, she is a diverse and creative artist. Does this sound like the photographer for you?

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