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For Photographers

I've been in business since 2012 and learned a thing or two over the years! I've documented everything from fine art studio photography to documentary-style wedding photography, and from capturing newborns in the hospital to 90-year-old birthday parties. I want to share my knowledge on how I serve my clients, how I run a successful business, and how I am confident in my business and abilities! You'll find inspiration, education, free guides, and more!

free guides


Instagram Audit Guide

5 Step guide to transform your Instagram profile to increase engagement!


Secret to Confidence

Guide to gaining and sustaining confidence in yourself and your photography business!


Guide to Master Slow Season

Slow season is a great time to up-level your business and these 5 things will move you forward!


Top 5 Business Programs

My favorite programs for client management, email marketing, planning, galleries, and storage!


Goal Setting Planner

Planner to help you determine your top priorities to reach your biggest goals!


Guide to Finding Rest

This guide will help you find rest while managing your business and avoid burnout.


Ultimate Workflow Guide

Steps to create workflows in your business to be efficient while saving time and energy!


Photography Checklist

The ultimate wedding checklist for gear and more before you photograph a wedding! 

latest guide

New guides are added monthly, so come back for more free education to improve your business, photography, and life! These guides are created with photographers in mind, but they apply to many creative entrepreneurs! 

Do you have a friend in the industry who could benefit from one of these guides? Share the link and share the love! I'm all about #communityovercompetition so let's lift up one another, encourage each other, and help each other grow!

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new products

It's an easy investment that will quickly gain more profits! 

Not only do these emails provide a superior client experience through education and constant communication, but they also save you time. AND there’s more! Through these email templates, you will have an increased conversion rate from your initial email, a higher rate of print sales through education, and receive more reviews!

By investing in these email templates, you have full use of them without modification for your business emails. This product includes 20 FULLY-WRITTEN and READY-TO-USE email templates for your lifestyle photography business. They are great for photographers who photograph families, branding, engagements, and more! 

business advice and tips


15 Free Photography Education Resources


Branding Photography for Your Business


Top Photography Mentorship Questions Answered


"Nicole is a true artist and being able to learn from her has boosted my confidence when working with clients. Her broad experience allows a unique insight into all aspects of the photography industry and I cannot wait for more sessions with her as I continue to grow my business!"



Did you know? I have a degree in education and I’ve always been passionate about education! I was that kid growing up who wanted nothing more than to be a teacher! Why? Because I wanted to help people, plain and simple. I graduated from Oakland University in 2016 with a degree in Art Education with a specialization in Photography. I have a formal education in photography and education, but outside of that, I invest each year in conferences, workshops, online classes, and mentorships to continue my education. 


Are you ready to start or continue your education? Head over to my Education Page to learn more!

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