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Changes for 2020. New year, new me? Well, not really. I’m still the same person, and the same photographer, but my goals are a bit different this year. Before we dive in, I want to share my newly created mission statement with you all!

“The mission of Nicole Leanne Photography is to document couples’ love with creative spirit, thoughtful composition, authenticity, and sincerity.”

To be the most creative, authentic, and sincere photographer that I can be, some things need to change. So, this is what will be different in 2020 and beyond.


I am limiting my bookings so that I can fully focus on each couple and wedding with my fullest energy and creativity. With that I will not book any “double headers” which are weddings that are back to back on one day and then the next. It is unfair to myself, but more importantly, unfair to the couple on the second day. How can I offer the best of myself if I just gave all that I had the day before? Not to mention that a “wedding hangover” is real, and I certainly will be resting the day after a wedding. Oh, and blissfully relieving the day before going through all the photographs to pick out some amazing sneak peeks! I am only booking a few more weddings in 2020, so if you are interested, reach out!


I’ve created a package perfectly suited for those seeking a smaller, more intimate wedding. My passion blossoms at smaller weddings. The intimacy and raw emotion elates me. There is just something about it. For elopements and intimate weddings, it’ll just be me, my cameras, and possibly an assistant. At smaller affairs, I believe less is more. Since it is a smaller affair, a second photographer isn’t necessary, unless desired! My new package includes the same benefits of booking a larger wedding, just with less hours, and therefore, less cost! I have a few intimate weddings on my blog, including this backyard elopement, which is one of my favorites!


All collections that are 6 hours or more will include a second photographer. Why? Because I am only one person. I can do a lot. Heck, I can document a 10 hour day beautifully just by myself. But obviously two photographers are better than one. Two photographers can capture different moments, different angles and perspectives, and different aspects of the wedding day. Having two photographers truly allows me to be in “two places at once.” At the end of the day, the couple will have a more comprehensive collection of their day, with more photographs displaying different aspects. Is one photographer great? Yes. But two is better for larger or longer weddings. I want to offer my couples the best experience and I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that having two photographers to document their day offers just that.


I will be focusing solely on in-home lifestyle sessions, with the exception of engagement sessions. This means that I will no longer be offering senior sessions or outdoor family sessions. I want to focus on purely authentic documentation, and let’s be real, running around in a field is not what you do everyday. I want to document you and your loved ones in your environment, in your home. Understand that with this, I am, and will always be, a natural light photographer.

If you’re wondering what that looks like, check out this in-home couple session or this at home mommy and me collection. My heart has been drawn towards these sessions and instead of documenting sessions that I’m not 100% passionate about, I’m limiting my bookings to only in-home lifestyle sessions. Again, with the exception of engagement sessions. Obviously, many engaged couples do not have a home together, but they may have a special place together, a city, a restaurant, a coffee shop. I want to capture them in those places. And yes, I will still shoot outdoors in nature because the bliss of two people in love about to get married makes for the most beautiful, authentic moments no matter where they are.


Another side note to this is that I will still be offering branding sessions, like this, to capture entrepreneurs or companies to highlight their services or products. Again, preferably in the environment in which they work most or that exemplifies their personalities and products. Why do I love these sessions? Well, because I’m a small business owner and I love helping other small business owners grow their business through my photographs.


I teach film photography every day to high school students and I absolutely love it, so why not teach it outside of the classroom? These workshops are geared towards adults who are interested in experimenting with film photography. This is for the novice, beginners, and hobbyists. The workshop will be two hours long and include an instructional lesson, hands on learning, and then time to go out, explore, and photograph! The workshop will be conducted at the student’s location of choice and includes a roll of film (color or black and white) and a film camera to shoot for the day. When the workshop is complete, the student will leave with a roll of film in hand ready to be processed and a post shoot instructional packet with information on how/where to process the film. Currently, film processing will not be offered as a part of the workshop. The goal is to learn how to use a film camera and become confident with the film photography process behind the camera.


Like my mission statement describes, I want to document couples’ love with creative spirit, thoughtful composition, authenticity, and sincerity. I will be limiting most of my available time to photographing couples, because that is where my heart is. If you are having a small, intimate wedding or thinking of eloping in 2020 or beyond, I am all about that! If you are interested in a branding lifestyle session, reach out for a consultation! If you want your family documented in your home, I would love to hear from you! If you’ve been interested in film photography for a while or it’s a new passion, say hello. We can chat and discuss if a film photography workshop is the best fit for you to begin!

Well folks, that’s all. I am looking forward to settling into 2020 and capturing all the beautiful moments. I am over halfway booked for weddings in 2020 and only taking a few more. If you are reading this and are interested in booking, don’t hesitate.




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hey there, i'm nicole!


I'm a down-to-earth, honest soul capturing Detroit and Windsor couples, families, and brands. I document clients who desire raw and timeless imagery. I also offer education to new and seasoned creative entrepreneurs.

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