Anniversary Session in Detroit | 25 Years in Michigan | Detroit Lifestyle Photographer

This Anniversary session in Detroit was with my absolute favorite couple. I can say that with full confidence because that beautiful couple is my parents. A few months prior, my Dad asked if I would tour them around Detroit to celebrate their Anniversary and document the experience. I was excited and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to document my parent’s love in such a special way. My passion for documenting weddings, couples, and all things love, began when looking through old family photographs. To be able to capture those memories of my own parents is a deeply cherished experience and I cannot wait to share these photographs with future generations.

After 25 years in Michigan, my parents decided to really experience Detroit. They had gone downtown in the past for sporting events or what they like to call the 25 cents tour, which was a ride around the 3-mile people mover. This year, they are celebrating 38 years of marriage and I was beyond honored to help them commemorate their commitment to one another for all those years.

We started the experience in Eastern Market and I toured them around my favorite murals. While they’re my parents, I treated them as I would any couple, giving them prompts and interactions while documenting their emotions. Watching them lovingly embrace was heartwarming. And all the laughter and now inside jokes that ensued filled us all with joy. Before heading to dinner downtown, we stopped at the Eastern Market Brewing Co. for drinks, which was perfect on this warm spring day.

Once we arrived downtown, our first stop was Mootz Pizzeria. We enjoyed the delicious pizza on a beautiful Detroit evening, with the city sounds mingling in the background. Before dessert, we headed to the top of the Z Lot to overlook the city. A sight that my parents had never seen before. I pointed out landmarks as they reminisced about the past 25 years in Metro Detroit. As I captured their loving, silly interactions I remarked that they were the funniest couple I’ve documented in a long time and they made me laugh more than I had in forever. They were like two teenagers flirty and it was truly adorable to witness and photograph.

Since it was such a warm day, we stopped at Huddle Soft Serve for some ice cream before heading off to Belle Isle. They enjoyed their cones, chocolate and vanilla, and I enjoyed documenting them! Again, it was like photographing two cuties on their first date. It was beautiful to see all the love and laughter that was present after so many years. Before heading out, we stopped at a small park and a man nearby remarked on the phone that the most adorable couple was getting their photographs taken, and I couldn’t have agreed more!

To end our time together, we finished the session at sunset point on Belle Isle. My parents had never been there before so I loved bringing them to Sunset Point, where they could see both Canada and the US. While there was no visible sunset that evening, it was a beautiful moment to see them look out over the water, seeing the country where they came from, and the country where they raised their family. After over a year of being separated from family back home, I know I felt the emotions as we looked at Canada, so close yet so far away. We’re all looking forward to the day when we can go back and visit.

But until then, I’m so fortunate to have my parents close by where I can enjoy their presence, laugh at their jokes, and witness their love. Through witnessing their love over the years, I’ve learned what it means to have selfless love, patience, gratitude, and respect in a marriage. Oh, and how to have fun and be a little goofy too!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Cheers to many more happy, healthy years to come.

All my love,