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Metro Detroit couple dancing at Allentown barn wedding

This fall barn wedding in Allenton was not the original plan, but it turned out to be the best plan! It looked absolutely beautiful and the atmosphere fit Brenda and Chad's style more than their first venue. It's amazing how despite everything that has happened, love still persists and their day was perfect.

It was truly the sweetest day to get married, really. Brenda and Chad celebrated their marriage on Sweetest Day. They were married a month prior on an even more special day at Heritage Park. You can see more from their day here and find out why it was so special!

Just like the day of their ceremony, they were surrounded by their closest friends and family! It was a gorgeous crisp fall day with the leaves changing to vibrant colors and falling softly to the ground. We walked around the property, taking photographs near the sweet horses and underneath the autumn trees. As I captured them we talked about the relief they felt that their day was finally here and they could breathe easy and just celebrate with their loved ones!

And it was the best celebration! To start, let's talk about the incredible barn! This barn isn't an official wedding venue, but it should be! The aesthetic was perfect. The rustic elements tied in beautifully with the fall decorations and the glow of the lights was the best ambiance. Would you believe that Brenda and Chad along with the help of friends and family put this entire thing together?

The scene set the stage for the best party. The maid of honor speech from her sister in law kicked it off with her hilarious speech that started with a rap. She made everyone laugh along with a few tears and inside jokes, and a t-shirt all while reading her speech off of a scroll!

After the delicious dinner from Country Smoke House and dessert from Red Velvet Bakery with Blake's Carmel Apples, Brenda and Chad shared their first dance to "From This Moment On" by Shania Twain. Afterward, they had the traditional anniversary dance and Brenda’s grandparents were the last couple on the dance floor with them. 64 years married and when asked to give advice, Grandpa gave the same advice he gave to them on their wedding day, “Never go to bed angry.” I think that’s the best advice as it’s the same advice my Grandma gave me on my wedding day!

I was honored to document them twice on two very special days! So, cheers to you, Brenda and Chad. May your life be overflowing with joy, laughter, and good drinks!

All my love,

Nicole Leanne Photography

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